The Greek Temple Greek Design Fire Pit with lid- Statement Design with arches

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Rome and Greece have an incredible place in the world of Art, Décor, and Architecture.
What better way to add a slice of this elegance to your abode than this sought-after Fire
Pit? A visual treat for lovers of wainscoting, the design hosts beautiful arched windows
and, the prettiest of all, the gabled roof temple sitting tall atop a pedestaled lid. Where
décor meets warmth, is easy to use, elegant, and timeless, this Fire Pit embodies modernity in a statement style. The versatility of the design rings in umpteen styling possibilities.

Volume Capacity- 200ML

Burn Time- 1hour mins (In one refill)

All things warm and cozy have our hearts!

Fire Pits are no exception. Crafted and hand casted with sheer love, our Fire Pits are a Modern-day iteration of the olden ways of
staying warm when the temperature plummets! With our love for timeless classics, we
often seek inspiration in traditional ways employed by mankind.

Fuss-free, easy-to-move-around, oh-so-warm, and high on aesthetic, Fire Pits offer an
eco-friendly heating solution that makes for a splendid addition to your surroundings.

These irresistibly tantalizing art pieces can be used in all seasons, be it to add to the aesthetic of your tablescape or keep you warm and cozy in winter.

Thanks to their compactness, you can kiss goodbye to bulky equipment to keep you warm.
Ring in the 'bonfire' vibe and ambiance indoors in a few seconds, minus the hassle, smoke, or odor!

Stay warm in Style with Fire Pits from the house of Greyt.

The fuel is specially developed with sustainability in mind. Generated from a renewable resource, it is a clean burning method for a green heating solution. Non-toxic, odor free, and smoke-free the fuel is
environment friendly, and so is the flame generated with its usage.

When burnt, the fuel produces carbon dioxide and steam in quantities non-harmful to your pets, kids, and yourself.

Nonetheless, fire is dangerous and this fire pit fuel is flammable. Hence, it must be dealt with utmost care.

The Concrete Firepit ingredients are modified for better strength and heating capacity.
In addition to its component differences, Greyt Firepits are coated with high quality solutions that makes them Fireproof, stainproof and sealed making them perfect to be used as portable, all-season Firepits.

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