Hola avid readers, book collectors, and friends of readers, it is lovely to have you stop by at Greyt! Are you considering bringing in a non-book companion for your  books? Well, we are more than happy to tell you we have the perfect companion for your books which won’t just give company to your books but also support them in staying put at their places. What’s the best part about these companions? They will keep your books and not let them fall. And, in case they do, these companions will fall along.
Designed by considering a variety of tastes ranging from contemporary monochrome minimalism to classic maximalism, bookends from the house of Greyt come in many tasteful designs. From decorative bookends to sculpture-like figurines that serve the finest looks to contemporary minimalist silhouettes, you can browse through all these right here! Seeking inspiration in Architectural marvels, you can find our classic Pantheon-inspired bookend, which beautifully captures the essence of this marvel. The fusion of Art, Architecture, and product design is showcased in many of our bookends, particularly those where we seek inspiration from Roman Art. If contemporary, minimalist is your vibe, you can find pieces aligning with the same.
Comprising a thoughtful and sustainable material palette, the color palette is in line with our vision. You can find anything ranging from soothing pastel hues to concrete-inspired solid shades of grey. The concrete-inspired colors particularly appeal to those who enjoy surface texture and grey. We recently added terracotta to our collection; you should also check that out. It is an equally beautiful warm, earthy tone.
Now that you know everything about the design of these Book supports, An important question is: How many bookends should I get? Well, this depends on two things. First, the number of bookshelves. Second, the number of books in your or the person you are considering gifting these to’s collection. If your books are leaning against the wall, you can lay your hands on one bookend, supporting them on the other. And, if your books are standing on their own, it is pretty simple- you will need 2 bookends to keep them on either end.
P.S. We have also dropped a hint about what else apart from books you can gift your near and dear ones who love to read. Go ahead and walk through our collection of Bookends and let us know what you think of it!

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