Burlap- Dark concrete Burlap-Sack Inspired Cutlery StandBurlap- Dark concrete Burlap-Sack Inspired Cutlery Stand
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Fellah Concrete FirePit with a LidFellah Concrete FirePit with a Lid
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The Concrete Foot Unique Foot Shaped Pen Stand and ArtifactThe Concrete Foot Unique Foot Shaped Pen Stand and Artifact
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Are you looking for shopping multipurpose décor online? Or are you looking for a gift idea you cannot afford to go wrong with? Well, you have landed at your destination. Find desk organizers for your workspace, cutlery holders for your dining table, planters for your abode, ashtrays for home and work, unconventional storage boxes, and so much more here.
Greyt’s line of multipurpose décor is conceived with the thought of amalgamating décor and maximal utility. The multipurpose décor line is a product line that we hold close to our hearts since it naturally aligns the moistest with our ideology that our designs are meant to be more valuable and meaningful than anything else! Multipurpose décor helps us do precisely the same- design products that have n number of use cases.
The spaces we live in are but, naturally, an extension of our personality. Effortless designs are all about curating lovely scapes with minimal effort that one can love, live in, and relax fully. Cozy, relaxed, attentive, formal- these little things in our spaces decide the overall vibe. What you pick for your spaces will ultimately help determine the vibe.
Born off a gazillion design conversations, sometimes in our studio, in eateries, in the workshop, and over Zoom calls, we strive to serve our customers only the best. Handcasted with sheer love, the multipurpose décor line from Greyt features designs taking cues from Roman Gods to the finest Architectural marvels from the globe to even our immediate environs.
The range features a diversified taste palette. Whether you are the simple and elegant décor kind, the following up with the latest trends kind, and the timeless classics for timeless enjoyment kind- we have curated a broad spectrum of choices for you to indulge in.
Not only this but as an Architect’s brainchild, we like to keep our aesthetics game strong and on point. Conversation starters as these designs are, they come in a range of whimsical hues. The color palette goes from a simple concrete-like surface texture with its classic grey to delicious colors like candy pink, cloud, and an amalgamation of black and white.
Curated to be supremely tasteful and utilitarian, multipurpose décor makes for a highly sought-after gift for your loved ones. With versatile use cases, the receiver has the added advantage of using the product in whichever way they like over and above a décor accessory’s otherwise envisioned use case.

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