Rectashtray Cloud - Sleek and contemporary design AshtrayRectashtray Cloud - Sleek and contemporary design Ashtray
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New  Hextray 2.0 Cloud - Geometric Pattern Hexagonal AshtrayNew  Hextray 2.0 Cloud - Geometric Pattern Hexagonal Ashtray
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Concrete ashtrays are one of the hottest trends at the moment. We take pleasure in letting our viewers and customers know that ashtrays are the hottest selling products at Greyt and that they are handcasted with sheer love for art and all things creative. Our designs speak of a minimalist approach in terms of design and aesthetics. While we do a range of colors, monochrome minimalism never exits the conversation.

From a cool ashtray design to one that is unique or one that comes with a lid to be suitable for use in your backyard. Our collection has it all. What’s more? Ashtrays make for a wonderful gift item. We make versatile products that look like works of art even when not used, adding to the allure of the tablescape.

Captivating Ashtray For an Enigmatic Experience

A forgathering of old friends or a tranquil evening of your own, when the cigarettes burn bright, burnt ashes pile. And we know, where there are ashes, there must be the enigmatic ash trays by Greyt. A centrepiece to your carefully crafted interiors, a work of art that catches a passerby’s attention, our cigarette ashtrays evoke the spirits of a symposium and endless conversations.

With our distinctive creations and captivating, yet minimal aesthetic, we aspire to invent a dynamic atmosphere for any given space. Greyt provides you with a plethora of cigarette ashtrays to choose from online, all to shop from the comfort of your homes.

What makes Greyt a Unique Ashtray Manufacturer?

The tempo of modern lives is made out of fleeting moments and short attachments. But when you are offered a million workable options, it’s easy to get distracted.

Our concrete ashtrays are crafted with grand symbiosis, one that inspires conversations and harbours imagination. We design with a love for art, inspired from the architectural wonders of the world. Consequently, our products are a reverberation of our cultivated spirits. When you bring our Funky Ashtray for homes, you are bringing a monument of your own. A centrepiece amidst your everyday life, that complements your taste and enhances your conclaves.

What to Look For While Buying Concrete Ashtrays?

With an abundance of choices available online, it is easy to get befuddled. But when it comes to the unique artistry of concrete ashtrays, let it complement the spirits of your space and heighten your everyday escapades. At Greyt, our range of ashtrays for homes is crafted to accommodate all your needs. A variety of contemporary colours in architectural elements, our modern designs are made to elevate your experience and indulge your senses.

Greyt: A Perfect Platform Where You Can Find Your Most Treasured Ashtrays

Why go around seeking to buy ashtrays online, when the best is back home at Greyt? Ourpieces are assembled with monumental inspirations and handcrafted brilliance, which makes the experience we provide peerless without doubt.

Indulge in the art of concrete and let our unique pieces heighten your experiences. If you are looking for an ashtray online in India, look no further. Pick up your devices because the genius of our products are just a few clicks away to be cherished by you

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