Hand casted Concrete Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023

Gifts are always a good idea! And with Greyt, it is always Gift o’clock! 

 The clock is ticking, and Valentine’s day is not far from here. Let us plunge into some unique Valentine's gift ideas you can pick for your loved ones this Valentine’s day. 

P.S. Thoughtfully curated by taking care of the price point, all these gifts are well under 1500. 

The Happy Duo 

Happy Duo is a figurine evincing the tale of two individuals who truly and dearly love each other. Signifying togetherness, the Gift is all about love and merrily espouses love in all forms. 

The couple statue gift can be quintessential if you are hunting for something small and cute. If your partner moves places often, this couple sculpture's convenient and cute sizing will be leveraged. 

Figure 1 The Happy Duo and all things love



Vertically Standable Alphabets 

Customized giftable speak tonnes about the thought and effort that went in the background to curate that Gift. This makes them extremely special and cherishable for the receiver. 

The possible combinations of alphabets you can pick don’t stop at your partner’s name. You can choose a phrase that is a mix of your and your partner’s name. Yes, we are big-time fans of Malvika Sitlani and Akhil Aryan, and how the Duo and their kith and kin refer to them as Akika is utterly cute. 

Not only this, you can choose letters that signify your partner’s pet’s name, a word that inspires them, or their startup/ brand name, which they can style in their workspace. 

If personalized Valentine's day gifts are what you are looking forthis one’s a sure-shot recommendation. (By the way, that's what our design team said).

Figure 2 Standable Alphabets

Tantalizing Tea Light Candle Holders

There’s something about tiny flames that makes them beautiful beyond measure. Here are some tantalizing tea light candle holder designs to light up your partner’s face. 

Figure 3 Flora


If your partner is big on books and enjoys reading, this oh-so-beautiful addition to their bookshelf can be amazingly alluring and meaningful to them. A gift that they will cherish and use all the time! 

Figure 4 The Pantheon Book End


Planters for the Plant Lovers

Ask plant parents, and you will know there is always room for more plants and plant pots. Well, yes, there is certainly nothing like too many plants. And, no matter what the occasion, planters make for a gift utterly meaningful.

Figure 5 The Moon Basket in Nero Black. Available in many more exciting colors.

Figure 6 The Charm of Abbott

Abbott is a sightly Face inspired planter crafted with sheer love for timeless enjoyment. 


Trinket Holder/ Jewelry Tray

If jewelry and creative displays are your partner’s thing, trinket holders can be a unique Valentine's Day gift idea. Here is a bundle of contemporary, elegant designs to let the jewelry it will house shine the most!

Figure 7 Oval Tray in a Cement Finish


In The End

Concrete gifts are sure to be a unique gift choice. Why concrete? Sturdy, true to their nature, and exhibiting their raw nature, the gifts embody love. Of course, thanks to its properties, longevity is an added advantage with concrete. Nonetheless, sustainable gsiftables are good for the planet and posterity too! Lastly, you need no reason to give romantic gifts to your loved ones.


Happy V-Day from us to you! 

With lots of love,

The Team at Greyt


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