Here’s why you need to invest more in your space.

Not even in one’s nightmare, no human being on this planet would’ve ever thought that the world would hit such a long pause! We’ve been locked up in our houses for so long now that I don’t even remember how it felt when the cold breeze hit your face or the wind brought hair on your face. 

While there’s so much of the outside world that we miss, this virus has brought a lot of people back home. You see, no matter what happens in the world, you can always come back to your home because that’s the only place where you’re welcomed with open arms and the love never ends. 

Working from home and sitting through your online lectures staring at the same wall every day can be quite a task. Small and big changes can not only light up your mood but can also improve your productivity significantly and can help you focus better! 

But wait, are you confused about where and how to start? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. This is the time where you need to strategically invest more in your space and we have all the right reasons to do so. 


  1. Your house is your safe space


Remember the good old days when driving used to be your getaway or that small coffee shop right around the corner? Well, it isn’t any more my friend, it’s high time that we accept the new normal and make a small getaway inside your house. 


Adding a few plants on your terrace or balcony or even on your working table could do the job just right. Find a boring corner and fill it with greens of all sizes. Not only would it bring about a change to your regular corner but would also purify the air and help you breathe better. Healthier lungs, stronger immunity; a win-win! 


  1. Your space represents your personality 


As the old saying goes you can know a lot about the personality of a person just by looking at their desk. The way you keep your surroundings speaks more about you than your resume. So, why not make it creativity and airy? Do not settle for less.


Explore all the options and let your mind run free. Imagine a space in your head and then recreate the same in your room. If you’re not much of a creative bird, you can find hundreds and thousands of ideas over the internet. Putting scrolling through hours on your phone’s screen into some good use and just let your space speak for you! 

  1. Aesthetics reflect your peace of mind


I bet no one ever said no to a pretty room.


Today, we live in the age of Pinterest and Tumblr where aesthetic is the new cool. From the clouds in the sky to the pot on your table, any and everything can be aesthetic, you just have to have the eye to find it! 


Now, when asked about peace and content of mind where do you find yourself in? A clumsy cluttered small room or a preferably open space with colorful walls and big plants on big beautiful subtle planters. 


For the sake of your mental bliss, just invest in redecorating your indoor untouched spaces. Not only will make it the house look beautiful but would also uplift you emotionally and what more do we want than a calm mind during this pandemic. 

  1. Invest in what’s worth it, not what’s cheap


Often people fall under the trap of cheap and low pricing and end up buying bad quality stuff which gets damaged both easily and quickly. Instead for once don’t put a control on your wallet and invest a little more than your usual amount but buy something that’ll be with you for a long long time my friend. 


What people don’t usually understand is that even if they have a sense of accomplishment after saving a little, they tend to spend more in replacing and maintaining that, and all that saved money goes in vain. So, don’t make the same mistake, rather invest smartly in high-end pieces and be happier for longer! 


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