Here’s why concrete is the next big thing in the interior decor and lifestyle space 

After spending over 6 months enclosed in your homes, the whole world has now realized the importance of uplifting the aesthetics and the functionality of your space. 

We know we have. 

Everybody wants to come back to a place they feel belonged to. Along with the inviting vibe, a lot of factors of personal touch, sustainability, versatility, and functionality come into the picture while planning the interiors. 

Choosing concrete has our hero was a fail-proof concept for us as it ticked off all the above boxes. Let’s take you through 9 tenets of concrete and we will agree to agree! 




Sustainability has become a way of life today, more than ever. From our everyday activities to elongated life decisions, we are now consciously taking sustainable measures. The very first aspect we considered while selecting concrete was the fact that the material is as sustainable as it can get. 

Not only is concrete made out of natural raw materials, but is also durable, generates considerably less waste, does not emit any kind of carbon, and more importantly can be recycled. We like to give back to the environment everything that we take from it. 



           2. HANDCASTED


Our proficient and skilled local artisans work towards manually creating a mold. The product is then hand-casted into curated designs. 

Creating each of our products includes a comprehensive process, with technical detailing to each product as a work of art. We are quite big on the concept of the art and the artist and the creative liberty is impalpable for us. Every single piece that goes out in the market is made out of immense hard work and compassion.




         3. LUXURY

If you wish to turn your space into a luxe affair, our concrete products are perfect aesthetic pieces that you must invest upon. The laid back luxury and sophisticated touch to the concrete finish will imbue your living room, hall, bedroom, dressing room, and practically any corner of the house. 

Adding any of our statement concrete pieces will have a huge impact on elevating the vibe of the entire space, making it look like a bespoke studio with a regal and more polished outlook.




      4. MINIMAL


One factor that can bind an entire space beautifully is creating the visual balance without adding any unwanted distraction. This is where minimalism comes in. Rooted in the art movement, minimalism has been a concept of the 1960s but has been picked up as a lifestyle, quite recently. 

Concrete décor pieces add the much-required texture by using the natural elements without making it appear overwhelming. The basic idea is promoting “less is more“ with the timeless and classic pieces that do not necessarily rely on any fleeting trend. The simplicity and the neutrality of concrete also do not carry too much visual weight in them while being a prominent and elegant part of the space.




      4. MODERNIST


The concept of using concrete as an art décor form has been inspired by the modern architectural design that was inspired by the movement during the early 20th century. The raw texture of concrete was used in the structure to keep the essential structure true to the materials used. 

It was believed that the true material used in the construction must be visible for the natural appearance rather than concealing them or altering them. The use of concrete was followed with the asymmetrical compositions, giving your space a natural façade, by making rational use of materials. 





Bringing in concrete as a new material in the décor space has been a radically new model in the whole interior scenario by using innovative and distinctive designs. The simplicity of concrete gives us a huge bandwidth to experiment and implement relatively new ideas too. 

The whole idea is to curate the fresh designs for varied kinds of spaces and make them versatile enough to blend with different setups, themes, structure, and ambiance, using sustainable concrete material.





The onset of the 20th century has marked the entire Industrial architecture theme after being inspired by industrial factories. The designs reveal the true raw materials that anchored the character of the space. 

Concrete was widely used as an important element, for it was low maintenance, durable, economically efficient, and effective. The historic charm of the industrial design made a strong impression from an aesthetic point of view with the monochromatic color palette, AKA concrete. 




       8. AUTHENTIC


Authenticity is the key to being timeless. No design can survive the test of time unless the key element is authentic. One thing that has helped us stick to our roots is the exposure of the raw materials and the real feel of the concrete without covering it with external elements and embellishments. 

The appearance of the raw finish inspired by modern architecture and the industrial design elevates the visual vibe of the entire space.




       9. EARTHY


When the world is moving towards becoming a concrete jungle, we are trying to create a strong presence of earth inside your spaces. Along with being visually pleasing, the exposure of raw materials brings in the Feng Shui element. The neutral hues and the lively touch makes the décor calm and reassuring, giving stable support to all your endeavors. 

Adding earthy vibes to your space will help you stay grounded and keep your focus centered. 





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