A Guide to Choosing the Right Ashtray

A smoker's favorite part of his life is an ashtray. When someone starts smoking, he will adore a designer ashtray regardless of who he is. Ashtrays are available in a plethora of designs today, and people prefer unique and attractive ashtrays to adorn their rooms.

In today's world, smokers love cigarette ashtrays because they have the comfort of releasing excess ash into the tray and not creating a mess while indulging in the pleasure. 

Already, people lead a messy existence because of plastics and harmful chemicals. With their quirky designs and alluring patterns, cigarette ashtrays are the perfect home decor item to get conversations started. 

It is not a tough task to find the right Ashtray according to your needs and there is no need of spending too much money also. There is today a wide range of colors, materials, and styles for every need, while there was a relatively limited selection in the past. The following guide aims to give you all the information you need to choose the right ashtrays for your space, whether it's a commercial area, residential area, stadium, park, restaurant, or any other public space.

Reasons to Buy an Ashtray

  • Keep your front area neat and presentable. This applies to offices, homes, and public spaces.
  • Many states have passed laws requiring smoking receptacles. Patrons also need to be kept away from doors and walkways by a certain number of feet.
  • To encourage smokers to assemble in one place, place cigarette receptacles in that area. 
  • There is always a pain in the neck while cleaning up all the Ash, these concrete Ashtrays will help you in collecting it and provides complete protection against fire. Make sure you are using the right ashtrays!

Ashtray Capacity

Be sure to take into consideration the size of your room and how many smokers will be in the area before choosing an ashtray. Using an overly large ashtray, or an under-used one will allow old cigarette butts to accumulate for months, creating unpleasant smells that will turn off visitors and customers. In contrast, selecting ashtrays too small in size will require much more time to dispose of cigarette waste on a weekly or monthly basis.


In addition to assessing your budget, you should consider the appearance of your space when selecting the right ashtray.

As an example, if you are buying ashtrays for an office park and the building is modern in style, you might want black glossy ashtrays, unique ashtrays, cool ashtrays, and quality concrete ashtrays to fill your abode with serenity.

On the other hand, if you're buying an ashtray for an outdoor restaurant, you might prefer a concrete ashtray that matches the style, instead of something that sticks out like a sore thumb.

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