Selecting the Perfect Ashtray: What is the best material for an ashtray?

As a cigarette breathes its last and reaches the stub phase, it deserves to rest in a beautiful abode. Your search for the perfect receptacle for resting your stub and ashing the cigarettes in style begins here.

Given the purpose they serve, ashtrays are made of fire-resistant materials. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, the list of these materials today are far more diverse. Gone are the days when the world of ashtrays was confined to glass and ceramic.

Believe it or not, with the variety of ashtrays available these days, ashtrays can help cast a decor statement like no other. The world of home decor is gigantic, and hunting for a piece that matches your style statement and aesthetics can get overwhelming.

Finding gifting options can be as tough. Fret not; we are here to help you find the ashtray of your dreams. In the following lines, we will discuss some common material options the market offers for ashtrays.


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Glass ashtrays are widely popular and have been around for an utterly long time. Glass Ashtrays have seen it all, the Art Nouveau to the Modernist. Glass offers umpteen modern cigar ashtrays and bowls in stunning designs and colors. A tried and tested material, glass is omni present and offers good heat resistance, chemical resistance, and breakage resistance. However, with intricate designs, dirt often gets trapped along. Maintaining such designs demands time, so busy germaphobes should avoid such designs.


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Silicone has completely revolutionized the world of kitchenware. It is now rapidly infiltrating the decor market. Unbreakable and heat-resistant, silicone ashtrays come in quirky shapes, sizes, and hues. They are ideal for individuals who are on the lookout for a cool ashtray. Being unbreakable is a blessing (surely not in disguise) for clumsy individuals. If you have such peeps in your circle, you know what would be a great ashtray for gifting. Since silicone ashtrays come in a myriad of funky colors, they may not be the ideal option for someone looking for a subtle and elegant design


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Akin to common perception, concrete ashtrays are not confined to a grey color palette. They are available in an equally diverse and fun color palette as their non-concrete counterparts. Concrete is a sturdy material, and products in it exhibit the true and porous nature of the material, which amp the ‘raw and real’ quotient to a whole new level.

Shattering the popular opinion that has been around for quite some time that classic and timeless decor items tend to be heavy and robust, Greyt offers a fresh take on ashtrays with their range of uber-cool ashtray designs. Whether you are looking for an outdoor concrete ashtray or one to keep indoors, concrete offers curio-filled modern designs that blend amazingly well with contemporary interiors. What’s more? The versatile designs make them appropriate for use even in non-smoking households.

Ceramic Ashtray

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Lovers of vintage ashtrays will certainly be familiar with this one. One is highly likely to be bedazzled by the beauty that the world of ceramic ashtrays has to offer. What’s more? Ceramic ashtrays are also fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, ceramic is an easy too clean material. However, the downside is that ceramic can crack too easily and is fragile and brittle in nature. Again, a no-no for clumsy individuals.

Marble Ashtray

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Diamond is timeless. And so is marble. Being architects, we have witnessed the beauty of this material up close. It is gorgeous, and so are the marble ashtrays. Marble is easy to maintain and clean but is on the heavier side, making it visually and physically bulky. Marble boasts of extremely long life when compared to other counterparts.

Resin Ashtray

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Think and speak resin, and it is vibrant and fascinating textures that instantly come to the mind. It is very attractive and versatile and comes with the added perk of timeless functionality. Resin uses a unique blend of pigments, additives, and resin. Resin art has been around for so many centuries by now, and do we even need to state how skilfully it has managed to stay relevant after all these years. It is one gift item that one probably can never go wrong with, thanks to its immense popularity.

Steel Ashtray

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Stainless steel has been a big hit in the world of ashtrays for many decades. With the advent of new materials, its popularity is going downhill. It is undeniable that they are easy to maintain and are a tried and tested product. While conventional steel is falling out of favor, powder-coated steel products are taking the place of the former, providing more aesthetic options and serving better looks.

Final Verdict

What do I pick?

Well, If you are looking into an ashtray for gifting, concrete and marble would be a sureshot recommendation owing to their visual volume and sturdy nature. While the latter may not have as many contemporary options, the former offers a plethora of them.

Silicone would be a wonderful option for clumsy individuals because it is hardly ever going to break.

Aesthetes and trend-conscious peeps that care about contemporary design can vouch for concrete ashtrays since they are in at the moment. Lastly, considering the ease of maintenance, one must avoid very intricate designs because they call for a lot of time to clean and, if not maintained like so, will end up becoming the storehouse of all kinds of germs. Happy Ashtray Shopping to you!

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