Why consider getting yourself a Fire Pit from Greyt?

All things warm and cozy have our hearts!

Fire Pits are no exception. Crafted and hand casted with sheer love, our Fire Pits are a Modern-day iteration of the olden ways of staying warm when the temperature plummets! With our love for timeless classics, we often seek inspiration in traditional ways employed by mankind.

Fuss-free, easy-to-move-around, oh-so-warm, and high on aesthetic, Fire Pits offer an eco-friendly heating solution that makes for a splendid addition to your surroundings. These irresistibly tantalizing art pieces can be used in all seasons, be it to add to the aesthetic of your tablescape or keep you warm and cozy in winter.

Thanks to their compactness, you can kiss goodbye to bulky equipment to keep you warm. Ring in the 'bonfire' vibe and ambiance indoors in a few seconds, minus the hassle, smoke, or odor! Stay warm in Style with Fire Pits from the house of Greyt.


Thanks to their compact nature, Fire Pits are easy to move around. Yes, you can tag it along on your next vacation.

Eco-Friendly, Odorless fire
Unlike conventional methods, Fire Pits promise neat, clean, smoke-free, and odorless fires.
Heating the eco-friendly way with no troubles for your olfactory senses!

Burn-Mark Protective Coating
Burn-mark protective coatings help ensure that the Fire Pits do not blacken, and the concrete does not spall and crack due to the flames.

Ease of Use
Fire Pits are designed such that fires in them are easy to light and extinguish. An elongated lighter or matchsticks come in handy for the same.

Indoors and Outdoors
Firepits are, quite literally, "anytime, anywhere." They can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. Being lightweight, Firepits can be easily carried even for backpacking and styled indoors like the ultimate decor accessory!

Aesthetics and Appeal
Designed by Architects and Product Designers, Greyt brings you a thoughtfully curated collection that will add to the charm of your tablescape, workspace, living area, and every other spot you find yourself often in! Besides exuberating warmth, Firepits are known for their beautiful, dancing, vibrant flames, which make for such a visual treat!

Made in India
We take the utmost pride in letting our customers know that all our products are made in India, and these fire pits are no exception. Made with multiple quality checks, you can rest assured that what you see and buy from here is top quality!