Nike Air Force  Inspired Concrete Artifact- a gift for sneakerheadsNike Air Force  Inspired Concrete Artifact- a gift for sneakerheads
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Hi sneakerheads and friends of sneakerheads! We know you love your sneakers a little too much, and truth be told, we are in the same boat, too. If this isn’t about you, we know your friend is a crazy sneaker lover and hoarder. Well, no prizes for guessing; this artifact makes for a thoughtful gift to present to them! As is more than evident, this is a fun figurine of one of the most cherished and loved Nike sneakers. Here is how our Interior Stylists recommend using this concrete artifact. 1. Décor Accessory in your Shoe Closet: Another sneaker to style in your closet! 2. Experiment and Curate: An empty canvas is the ground for umpteen ideation. Use it as the base to experiment or curate exciting color combinations you might have in mind for your wearable sneakers.

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