Necropolis is the designer's representation of a city that was once hustling and bustling but has since gone through all five stages to become a dead city.
In this interpretation of the city of the dead, the figurine stands tall atop a circular base. A hemicycle is utilized to house sky-kissing buildings engulfing a world within themselves.  The necropolis' aftermath has rendered the city dysfunctional, gloomy, and unmaintained. Tonnes of landfill waste piled up add to the filth and represent the city's dilapidated condition.
Greyt has always believed in curating designs that serve as wonderful home décor items in addition to their obvious purpose. In line with the same, this ashtray can also be utilized as a statement piece for décor. The attention to detail accentuates the style quotient. This contemporary design ashtray can find a perfect fit in your house and workspace.

The Random Broken buildings in the product is NOT A DAMAGE but a design element to represent a Necrolpolis, i.e. dead city. Each piece may be broken from different parts and no 2 pieces would be identical. 

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