Visage - Succulent Planter or Pen HolderVisage - Succulent Planter or Pen Holder
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Designs in nature are amazing, to say the very least! As designers, we often sketch the human body in bits and forms. At the same time, we were actually meant to sketch something else. Well, it is a sureshot stressbuster for us. If you visit us, you will see random sketches of eyes and hands on the corners of our diaries. 

Well, we are hard-core art aficionados, or atleast we love to call ourselves so. We simply love to transform these sketches into 3d realities because we see limitless possibilities in the same. Whether it is a skull planter or skull-inspired decor for your bedroom, Greyt has it all! 

The human hand is another favorite of ours. We are more than thrilled to break to you; we have hand-shaped tealight holders and shaped ashtrays, and we will let some things be a surprise that you will discover slowly! 

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