Plinth AshtrayPlinth Ashtray
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Plinth Ashtray

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Mistero Spiral Ashtray for Home & OfficeMistero Spiral Ashtray for Home & Office
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Architecture has a very special relation with Greyt. Afterall, it was in an Architectural school that the seeds of Greyt were sown.

Curated, ideated and developed by an Architect, there had to be something in our products that directly reflects the same. This segment is the closest to the founder’s heart. It features thoughtfully handpicked famous Architectural marvels from across the globe. From bookends and tealight candle holders to Pantheon-inspired decor to ashtrays inspired by the Great Pyramids to miniatures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Eiffel, you will find everything here. If you love art and collectibles, we recommend you check out our collection and bring in a slice of your favorite location in your spaces absolutely creatively.

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