Apollo was the God of divine distance- who made the mortals aware of their sins, purified them, ruled religious law and the city's constitution, and gave the mortals knowledge of the future and the future. The Greek God sits on the top of the container akin to a pedestal. The bottom part of the container is kept subtle and minimal, with no negative spaces to keep it functional. This makes the head of Apollo atop the lid the item's highlight and draws just the right amount of attention to the 'oh-so-detailed' face and thorax atop. Special consideration has been given to emulating the texture of the Greek God's hair, his sideways glance, and how he drapes his clothes. These little details add to the piece's beauty. We have done this with the utmost finesse, and we are sure it will get a conversation going. Use it as a trinket box, or container, for storing all your coins in one place, as a decor piece, or as you please.

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